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     Welcome on our French cuisine website ! First I wish to introduce myself, my name is Marlène and I am the mother of three greedy children. My mother, grand-mother and great-grand-mother all spent their time cooking typical french recipes and I have decided to carry on the tradition making homemade dishes nearly everyday.


     For some of them it is very quick and easy, for example for madeleines or quatre quart ten minutes are enough. For more elaborate desserts such as nougat glacé you may need 45 minutes but you will get a great success ! Anyway we have tried to be very helpfull with you giving you details and advice (the French touch).


     Sorry if my english is not perfect ... but it is part of the charm and very authentic ! If you meet problems of any kind, need more detals or have suggestions do not hesitate to contact me. You can also comment our recipes and join us on our facebook page and twitter account.