Quatre - quart

Difficulty : Easy

quatre quart


(for 8 people)



Ingredients :                                                  Oven t° : 190°C

                       Prep time : 15 min

  • 3 eggs

  • 200g of butter

  • 200g of sugar

  • 200g of flour


cake or quatre quart tin

Cooking ustensils :


  • a bowl

  • a spoon

  • a baking tin




  1. Mix the melted butter with the sugar with a spoon.


  1. Add the eggs one by one and mix again.


  1. Add the flour and mix to obtain a smooth mixture.


  1. Leave the dough to stand between half an hour and two hours.


  1. Put the mixture into the baking tin and cook around 40 min.



The French touch : If you wish you may add thin apple slices in the dough.

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